A self-proclaimed tomboy, a girly girl and an edgy babe have but one thing in common.

Well, maybe two.

They’re the daughters of Bahram Hakakian — the founder of Barami, a line tailored to the professional woman — and the forces behind Patrizia Luca Milano, the newest woman’s brand to join The Westchester.

With merchandise as eclectic as their personalities, Neda, Nika and Nora Hakakian envisioned a one-stop shop of styles for both work and play. But the dark-haired beauties — all 30 and under — also wanted to create a mother-daughter brand, so the brand would appeal to women from age 20 to 60.

“We’d love to be on the back of every woman’s neck in America and, hopefully, one day internationally,” says eldest sister Neda. “The sidewalk is your runway and we just want to make it happen.”

It’s no easy feat to enter the cutthroat fashion world, but the sisters have a wealth of industry knowledge at their fingertips.

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