The vision is simple, to provide women with fashionable, affordable, quality clothing that allows them to conquer their desks during the day and flourish in the evening with minimal changes.  “Today’s woman is very conscious of what she spends her money on,” says fashion designer Bahram Hakakian.  “We want to provide her with a solution for her fashion and financial needs.”

And that they do right from conception, they constantly challenge themselves with thinking desk to dinner, mother, daughter; looks that allow maturity, quality and still maintain that fashion edge. Patrizia Luca realizes that staying ahead means staying unique; “We needed to develop a collection that offers value and quality different from the rest of the market and the results we have been brilliant.  “Its not just about today’s sale, its about building a long term relationship. We want our customers to know that our core is about building and maintaining our standards. Patrizia Luca feels it is essential to make their looks versatile.  Women today are a major part of the work force and they understand that their time is limited.  The solution for us is to lock down the looks that we believed could be worn to work, and then with the simplicity of adding an accessory they could go to dinner.